Residential Care

A time in life may come; for the elderly when doing common day-to-day activities can become tedious. At Mendip care lodge, experienced professionals offer our residents care within a homely environment. We provide all kinds of support for all your basic needs such as washing, dressing, and cooking. The services we provide ensure that the time you spend at our care is a friendly, social and unforgettable.

Dementia care

It must be a trying time for family members to deal with a memory-related problem such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s in their loved ones. There is no need to worry as in Mendip Lodge care home, our trained care staff provide your family member with 24-hour support. 'We are known for our professional expertise and excellence in caring for people living with dementia and for extending our support to their families and friends’. We always seek to improve the well-being of the residents that we care for.

Day and Respite Care

Day or Respite care is quite popular these days among the elderly who wish to stay at their homes. They require special personal care and family members don’t find themselves being able to stick all around the year with work and travel. Day care and respite care can be provided by Mendip Lodge. Respite care can be arranged on an individual basis, dependent on the availability in the home.